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Gadsby's England
Gadsby's England
The all-new Gadsby's England podcast, from the only show in the world dedicated exclusively to the England football team. Gadsby and Gadsby Jr. bring you England news, features, stories, special guests, and, well, anything you want to know about Gareth Southgate's new young team. With new recruit, show producer Lisa LeRoux.
Hair-raising Kane: Gadsby's England, ep. 34

Gadsby Jr kicks off the new decade with a new look—for those of you not watching on YouTube, think Sergio Aguero combined with a Blade Runner super-replicant—and joins a stunned Gadsby to talk about Harry Kane’s injury and England’s Euro 2020 striking options should the dreaded happen. Plus, a tribute to Germany’s ‘66 goalkeeper from his nemesis-turned-friend, and who’ll cost you the most right now?