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After Kosovo last month, Gadsby travelled to Istanbul for a chat with a left-back legend, the former Arsenal, Manchester City and France player, now with Başakşehir, Gaël Clichy. Gaël offers a revealing insight into life in the Premier League, playing in the cauldron of Turkish football, and experiencing the greatest stage of all, the World Cup. There’s also some MLS hints in there, too…

Gaël gives his forthright views on why England have failed where France have succeeded, and what the Three Lions can learn from Les Bleus.

For anyone interested in the game, as a player or fan, this is a masterclass on the relentless physical and mental dedication it takes to reach the pinnacle of world football.

(A huge thanks to Gadsby’s England’s guest pundit NIKKI GOLDMAN, the Goldster himself, for helping make this happen.)