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I told Lee, the owner of Gadsby’s England, that I’d write an AmTake today for this week’s action. Little did I know this would result in jinxing Chelsea, who suffered just their second loss this season. Never again, Lee! 

Just kidding – it’s been too long! This season so far has already seen some crazy things happen, whether Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, Lukaku’s return to Chelsea, the slew of managers who received their marching orders before Christmas (most ever before Christmas in a Premier League season), the fact that 5th and 6th place Tottenham and Manchester United are on pace for the worst ever goal differentials for a team in that position in the table, even after wins today, or the fact that Chelsea lost despite being up at the break for the first time in almost three years. Let’s dive in to this week’s action (and let’s see if I can dive back into AmTakes during the busiest part of the season!):

As previously mentioned, Chelsea lost. What’s more important, they conceded more than one goal for the first time since August, and three in total, increasing their goals-against by 50% for the entire season. Before this match, they were on track to best the record for fewest goals allowed in a season. Suddenly Chelsea fans are watching a team that have conceded in every one of their last three fixtures. Does the best defense in the league have a systemic weakness? Or does Jorginho just love giving Blues fans heart attacks? We may never know.

We have one hell of a title race this season: the top of the table was claimed by three separate teams in one day (Saturday), with Chelsea leading in the morning, Liverpool climbing to the summit briefly, and Manchester City predictably beating Watford to finish the day in pole position. 

Aston Villa looked like Steven Gerrard has made an immediate impact, beating Leicester with an impressive display of cohesion and an attack-minded approach, not to mention the ability to take advantage of uncharacteristic errors from Kasper Schmeichel (I’m still positive that the disallowed goal should have been given – what are your thoughts?). 

In other news, Ralf Rangnick became the first German manager to ever win his Premier League debut fixture, praising Cristiano Ronaldo for his hard work off the ball in a fixture that was tighter than their respective standings suggest it should have been. Newcastle picked up their first win since meeting their new owners, whom I’m sure were cut to pieces over their newly-acquired team’s performance—until this fixture. A real life-saver of a performance for the newly-appointed Eddie Howe. Next on the chopping block for Newcastle are Leicester, who have hit a poor run of form recently. 

Other matches to look forward to for next week include: Manchester City taking on Wolves, Liverpool taking on a streaky Aston Villa, and a battle of the promoted, with Brentford taking on Watford. Can you believe we have five matchweeks between now and 2022? Things are heating up!