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What a week. And I know I said that last week, but really, what a week. Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Leicester all dropped points. Kepa is no longer Chelsea’s starting keeper. He’s not even their second string. Hell, he’s not even their *third* string, as Chelsea just re-signed Petr Cech of all people to their roster behind Willy Caballero. Manchester United finally looked like Manchester United again. The bottom two clubs in the league looked like the bottom two clubs in the league – the only surprising part about that is that Sheffield United was at one point a contender for a Europa League slot last year. How covid-19 has changed things. Speaking of which, that’s my excuse this week, and I intend to put it to full use. I tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday and it’s wrecked my schedule, so apologies for the tardiness of this week’s AmTake. 

Leeds were finally brought back to earth. It seems as though the only way to stop them is to let Leeds run themselves into the ground and then counter-attack (much like how Wolves earned victories against big-six clubs last season). Villa kept their win streak alive by beating Leicester at home, and pulled to within one point of league leaders Everton, with a game in hand. Let’s dive in a bit deeper:

Currently, average goals per game is 3.58, blowing away the Premier League record of 2.82 goals per game set in the 2018/19 campaign. The last time the top-flight finished with a goals per game of 3.58 or higher was in 1961.

There have only been 22 clean sheets out of the first 48 games. That puts us on track to a total of 174 this season, which would set a new record. 

There have been 29 penalties awarded thus far, the most ever within five weeks of the beginning of the season.

Most importantly, home field advantage is a thing of the past. Away win ratio is 46% currently, considerably higher than the previous record (again in 2018/19) of 33.7%. 

In more club-specific stats, Dominic Calvert-Lewin became the first Evertonian to score in their first five league matches in a season since 1938. 

Ederson has kept 53 clean sheets since debuting in August 2017, 15 more than any other goalkeeper. 

West Ham became the first team in the Premier League to avoid defeat after trailing by three goals in the 81st minute, thanks to some truly astonishing charity from Jose Mourinho. 

West Brom and Burnley drew 0-0, ending the longest wait for a 0-0 draw from the start of a campaign in Premier League history. 

This week has already featured a crazy match, with Leeds pummeling Aston Villa (more on that next week), and figures to feature several more great fixtures over the weekend, with the likes of Manchester United playing Chelsea and Arsenal playing Leicester. Don’t let the remote get too far away. Stay safe everyone, covid sucks. I’ll be back next week to write sooner if I don’t croak!